A meeting between Sabrina from the « Alyaexpress.News » site and Shilo the young boy victim of a bombing in Jerusalem in 2011.


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Remember…we are the 23rd of march 2011, a bombing attack hits the town of Jerusalem. A worried man calls the police station to alert about a suspect luggage, but it’s too late…

The terrorist stands on the other side of the road and understands that his luggage attracted the attention. Directly he speeds up the bombing process while watching for the other side of the road. The explosion gets to a bus close to the central bus station and the town hall in a Binyané Haouma quarter, close to a kiosk.

At least 25 persons are wounded, among them 4 persons seriously, and there is already a first victim. It’s a parcel bomb, dropped in a public phone cabin which had exploded just as the bus came by. The Al Quds terrorist brigade claims responsibility for that bombing. Since then life came back to the usual way and the wounded people were forgotten as the bombing consequences…less then one year ago…Among the bad wounded people there is Shilo a 14th year old kid when all happened. He then lost his legs use in a few seconds, when the bomb exploded and crashed his both legs (more then 40 fractures), his body was entirely burnt, only his face was a miraculous area…


But how is it possible that Shilo’s still alive after a so big explosion and while he was a few meters from the explosion ? The only victim is a Britain tourist of 59 years old. At the explosion time, she felt on Shilo and by that protected his face but not the other parts of his body, his articulations (with no less then 50 marbles inside them), and third degree burns.

It’s 9 months that Shilo is no more a kid but a boy who tries to get back to a normal life. He can’t walk anymore after 40 fractures…he went by some surgeries to try to fix the articulations at the Har Atsofim Hospital.

At this day of the 23rd of March, Shilo a hat on his head has left Netivot in the South to be tested for getting to a yeshiva’s studies in Jerusalem, but he will never arrive there…After this bombing which will ejected him some meters away with the Britain tourist who will die…

Shilo then does’nt go to school anymore and can’t anymore play with his friends while obliged to stay all the days and the nights along at hospital. But since the last weeks he comes home in the South on Shabattot and I’ve taken advantage of that to come and visit him, and discussed with a kid who’s no more a kid but a patient waiting to be cured since to many months…

We spoke a little, he’s a shy and a little bit close kid and his life went to a true hell place while he spends his time in bed…His father told me that at beginning he was receiving visits, but with the days passing threw and the sufferings, this kid who cannot walk and lives between the hospital and his bed is just forgotten. Nowadays, just one friend continues to visit him…This young 15 years old kid would have to live a normal life as all the other kids all around the world but is obliged to stay in bed while he can’t walk !

In Israël nothing more might be done for Shilo and his parents (having no less then 9 kids) find themselves in a deadlock place because the only solution to give back his legs to Shilo is a surgery in Boston. A very important expense that the israeli government can’t spend, also for a bombing victim as Shilo.

After all what he had passed threw, Shilo is finally waiting for a place in Boston’s hospital  which might be ready very soon at February for his surgery …and for his coming back to the possibility of walking freely…At the end the total amount we’re looking for is 300.000 euros while it’s for the pre-surgery tests and analysis as well that for the surgery and the after surgery period. Don’t forget that your generosity is the only key to give him the way to walk around like any other kid of his age.

[intlink id= »435″ type= »page »]To help Shilo is just like helping directly the whole Israël society !! Thanks a lot !![/intlink]


If each of us will give what we can, Shilo will be able to stand on his legs, to study, to live like a normal human being.


[intlink id= »435″ type= »page »]Helping Shilo is helping the whole Israël state ![/intlink]


Sabrina Hania from the Alyaexpress-News site whom you may contact directly by her site for paypal payments or any question.