Alyaexpress-News harassed by David Goldstein owner of the Haabir Israel blog!

It’s with deep regrets and much pain that we put this article online. However it mus, unfortunately, be published to show the level of irresponsibility and the jealousy of someone who has provoke unnecessary tension within the community and does not serve the need to propagate positive news for Israel.

1- Haabir Israel, a blog maintained by David Goldstein,  that translates and publishes articles accused us of selling advertising:

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The polemic starts in October 2012 when David Goldstein owner of Haabir Israel blog (a media that reproduces article online with translation) accused us of selling advertising on our site. Hz decided to slander us and all of our team by writing an article on our blog full of lies hoping to gain more visitors on his site (it’s like promoting but in a twisted way).

We can read in this pretentious article:

“can you make Alyah and settle in Netivot, sit behind a keyboard, create a pretentious site, give yourself a professional status without being one and do anything to earn money? I think not, it’s not good, it doesn’t work and it’s dangerous for our cause! As far as I am concerned I only read the publications of serious people even if they earn money on my back. But I refuse to read and support people who publish everything, under the cover of zionism, with only aim: to make a living”

For the record, Alyaexpress-News is a site that gives real-time news with a team of 5 writers, a team that is united and one that does not limit itself to one sit and one keyboard… Furthermore Alyaexpress-news’ admin is a writer who has written many articles for sites such as Over blog, TF1 or Plurielles. She won Wikio Expert ‘s Best Writer Competition. Avraham Azoulay site, the Ptit Hebdo has also taken an interest in this new media which is getting bigger by the day.

2- Haabir Israel, a blog maintained by David Goldstein,  that translates and publishes articles accused our site of DENIAL:

David Goldstein does not stop here, he decided to propagate on his Facebook account terrible rumours, he announced that we are deniers (négationisme in French, a word reserve in the context of Holocaust Denial)! He maintained that our news site is a mish mash of disinformation… To summarize we are assisting to relentless attacks: repetitive reporting and blocking of our Facebook  accounts to stop the publication of our articles, in brief this is equivalent to a complete boycott of our site with the support of his friends from Ashdod.

For the record, Mr Goldstein has no training in reporting since he only copies and reproduces articles which he finds online (with or without the authorisation of the authors; the same thing goes for photos reproduction). His day job is nurse for Neer Tsionna  in the teens psychiatric unit.

Capture d’écran ou David Goldstein ‎assimile notre travail à du négationnisme.

David Goldstein’s screen-shot where he compare our work to denial.

David Goldstein ‎:”We can agree or not!
News is facts like history!
To transform it is unacceptable. When one do this it’s called denial”

3-  Haabir Israel, a blog maintained by David Goldstein,  that translates and publishes articles accused our site of doctoring photos:

This gentleman decided to continue and announced on December the 6th that a photo posted by Sabrina, admin of Alyaexpress-News, of a house hit was doctored.

Here is the photo:

His reaction here under:


Screen-shot of his facebook status where he announces that our photo is fraudument

The readers were shocked. We did a live-video where we talked to the house owner to prove that the accusation of DG are slander. You can see it here HERE.

4-  Haabir Israel, a blog maintained by David Goldstein,  that translates and publishes articles wants to sue our site for copyright infringement regarding photos because another site, Cybersion, published an article on one of his colleague; article which he doesn’t like (the relevance with us is difficult to understand, we keep on searching for an answer) :

He is a screen-shot of the threats Mr psychiatrist nurse David Goldstein, sent us:

Message from last night – (31/01/2013)


  • ·


David Goldstein

Hi Sabrina,

Now that everything is calm between us, Robert Sarfati writes insanities against me and some of my friends too. I’ve asked him to withdraw his slanderous articles which are full of insults.

If he doesn’t do it then I will start legal proceeding to close your media: his one for insult and slander and your one for copyright infringement regarding the photos on your site since you do not pay the authors of the photos – which is completely forbidden for a commercial site. This could cost you thousands of euros in fine and force you to close your business.

If you ask me how this is relevant to you, he does it in your name therefore implicate you in his idiocy. I’ll give you both a limited time to stop all of this!

As far as I am concerned I find it regrettable to have come to this, especially since we do not have any contact anymore, but you’ll understand that it is impossible for me to let myself be insulted in this way!

Regards and shabbat shalom,

David Goldstein.””””


It does not become easier today to understand why this David Goldstein tries by all means – each and every mean being less comprehensible than the other ones – since this article do not attack him directly but a colleague of his.  On top of that it wasn’t written by our team but he wants to hold us responsible of this internal community hatred!!!

For the record, DG has written an article against Yohann Taieb and Jonathan Curiel. Yohann and Jonathan managed to impose to French channels to say that Guilad Shalit was Israeli-French. One should ask which side he is on since he’s concerned with fighting so many Jewish sites and Jewish personality.

5- The translated blog Haabir Israel maintained by David Goldstein boycott us with many of his friends on our Facebook accounts to stop us publishing.

The Facebook account of Alyaexpress-News’ admin has been blocked by David Golsdtein (See proof on screen-shot here under). He is actively supported by Elisabeth Bibas, Esther Bitton, Jean Luc Zerbib, David Yadad who have not hesitated to write an inflammatory accusation on their page page.

Facebook asked LOT OF TIME TO David Golstein  de stop his harassment against me,  but he doesn’t stop.

See screen capture here below:

Sources :

Page from David Golstein against us :
David Goldstein Facebook account:
David fake Facebook account:

The answer is clear, it’s pure jealousy to see our site, a site just over a year old, fast growing without hitting on others.

Today, I ask all of you, to support and help us by sharing our articles. We are living very emotional and difficult months under all these attacks.

Support Alyaexpress-News ! Thank you all. team

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"Comment peut-on apprendre à se connaître soi-même ? Par la méditation, jamais, mais bien par l'action. Ghandi" 

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